Suitable for some important occasions, such as attending large parties, black dress can exude its nobility and introverted temperament. Black leather pants and lycra bodice make black look wild. Generally speaking, black T-shirts, for example, are dirt resistant and look good, perfect for men who don’t like to change clothes, and if you are a bit chubby, black is also a good shape modifier.
With white collocation: white can give a person a kind of clean feeling, besides white shirt, the T – shirt of a pure white lets a person feel very bebe en site sitor we web fashion corset clothing clear alcohol. If wearing a white, feeling is very different, usually is a white shirt, a white suit, a pair of white shoes, looks a little flirtatious, typical playboy type. In addition, white sweaters and socks are quite sunny.With blue: Blue in powder blue have tender breath

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