What type of mattress topper best suited you?
Sleep is an extremely important process in human daily life, improving the quality of sleep is essential because it has a direct positive effect on both the mental and physical health of each person. That is why many people enjoy using mattress topper to sleep better. However, choosing the most suitable mattress topper for yourself is very challenging because there are so many types available on the market. If you are also having trouble choosing, then this article will conduct you how to choose the Top Rated Mattress Toppers that most appropriate to you.
1. Know clearly all kinds of mattress topper available in the market
There are six main types of best-rated mattress topper in the market that is determined by the material of the topper: polyester, cotton, feather and down, memory foam, latex, and wool.
Each has its pros and cons, and all you need to do is make up your mind which will benefit you the most in the long run.
2. Know the size of the mattress you are using
It will be frustrating if you find out that the topper you just bought does not completely cover the mattress you are currently using. Although it is not difficult to determine the size of the mattress (it depends on what kind of your mattresses such as king, queen, or twin, etc.), many people forget this and have to mess around with the return process.
3. Determine whether you need softness or firmness
Your personal preference is extremely worthy of consideration. Only when you feel really comfortable lying on that mattress topper can you have a great sleeping experience. If you love soft feel, but choose to buy a high-density topper, even if it is one of the best mattress topper brands, it will not give you satisfaction.
If you are a side sleeper, you would rather consider firmness mattress toppers which is more than 2 inches thick, including memory foam and latex mattress toppers.
If you have any problems with bones, joints, muscles or you are over average weight, memory foam and latex toppers are good choices for you as they will bring better body support and comfort than others.
If you or your sleeping bedmate has a habit of tossing, thick toppers can help to reduce the transmission and noise of movement to avoid interrupting the partner’s sleep.
4. How often do you wash it?
Regular washing of bedding is a good habit to ensure your health. If you usually wash your mattress with a high frequency then you should choose a topper with a moderate weight with your own strength. Cotton, feather, and down toppers are tended to be easier to move than other types on the market. So if you mind about this aspect, you should pay attention to those types.
5. Are you sensitive to temperature?
Some types of top mattress toppers retain your body heat. Memory foam and latex are those types because of their thickness and high density.
If you sweat easily, and a high temp mattress topper makes you uncomfortable, you should contemplate down, feather, or wool toppers. These types are best for people who are susceptible to being affected by temperature as they give added warmness in the winter while moderating heat when the summer comes.
Memory foam lovers can try to find gel-infused memory foam toppers from some best mattress topper brands which are designed with many attempts of gel cooling or ventilation tubes that might help with the heat.
6. How much is your budget?
Polyester tends to be one of the cheapest types of mattress toppers while people with abundant budgets prefer memory foam, wool, and latex toppers that are most expensive.
Some high-quality cotton, down, or feather mattress toppers with the middle range of price are also good options if you don’t take money too seriously.
Now, you are able to answer the question “What is the Best Mattress Topper to buy?” for yourself since you already have criteria to decide which mattress toppers to purchase to suit you best. Have a good night and sweet dreams!

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