Job Interview

A few valuable tipps that you should be aware of before any job interview.
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Beeing interviewed is the last and hardest part of applying for a job. You are now been judged – not only on your skills but also on your personality and behavior. Companies and businesses are always looking for the right candidate for the position and a perfect fit that meets the firm values and culture. Most of the recruitment tactics are taught when pursuing high degree studies, like a Master degree in management, it gives a better understanding of what you, as a future manager/director, should expect. Learn more about the different online courses available for a MBA degree, by trying this site.

However, if you don’t have the time to take a class, here are some recurrent questions asked during interviews. When looking for a job, maybe even desperately, there are few things you can prepare for every interview because one of these questions will be asked for sure. It is not only the preparation for the job offer, the new company and so on, you want to be ready for some personal questions which will come up and you will have to answer them right away. You don’t want to spend too much time thinking about the answer, knowing that under stress it might take you longer than usual and create a discomfort – don’t let that discomfort overcome your confidence. So here are 10 standard questions popping up in nearly any interview.

  1. Can you list your 5 core competencies?
  2. Can you list 3 – 5 positive characteristics about yourself?
  3. Can you list 3 – 5 negative characteristics about yourself? (Very Important: Be honest with yourself)
  4. Can you tell why especially you should get the job and nobody else?
  5. Can you explain which additional value you can bring to the company?
  6. Can you list your 3 biggest successes in your career?
  7. Can you list 3 failures during your career? (same as point 3, be honest)
  8. Can you describe why this particular position is perfect for you?
  9. Can you explain why you want to join a new company
  10. Can you have a 30 to 60 seconds, inspiring, convincing speech about yourself?
With answering these 10 questions yourself before an interview you will cover probably 90% of all personal questions that the interviewer will ask you during the job interview. By having the answer in your mind already the power is in your hand how to answer the question, quick and dirty or pretending to think a bit about it. Its up to you how you handle the situation, the important thing is that you are prepared and successful in your interview.