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Startup Jobs in Budapest

Posted by | January 10, 2014 | Companies

Over the past years Budapest has become a hub for startups in Central Europe. A reason for that is the good technical education at universities in Budapest and of course a certain startup mentality that has developed in the past. A recent guest article by Balázs Szabó on Forbes a brilliantly explained the reason why Central Europe, and that includes Hungary and Budapest, is transforming from outsourcing to a real tech hub. These facts have led to more and more startup jobs in Budapest.

There are currently 3 major startups from Budapest that are known and recognized globally backed up with decent funding from international investors.

  • Prezi – The makers of zooming presentations
  • Ustream – Leader in live and interactive video streaming
  • LogMeIn – Offering Remote Access and Remote Desktop Software for Your Computer

You probably have heard of one or the other already, all of them are Hungarian originated (at least partially in case of Ustream) and operate offices in the capital of Hungary. Since all 3 are expanding due to their success of course there are open positions that are to be filled with talented people, not only in Hungary but also in their other offices around the globe.

Find here the latest Startup Jobs in Budapest:

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