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Most jobs in Hungary obviously require still Hungarian native language, no matter if in a professional work environment or in student jobs. However there are jobs available that do not necessarily require Hungarian language skills but rather any foreign language skills. I would like to list 3 possibilities here that can get you a student job in Budapest without a word of Hungarian. This might be interesting for the many students coming from abroad to study here in Budapest even if it is only 1 or 2 semesters you might need a little extra money to pay your expenses.

1. Online Translator or Writer

Of course any remote job or online job that can be done from home is a great opportunity to earn money in Budapest even without Hungarian language knowledge. But where do you start and for whom do you work. You can try to find remote jobs on large international job portals or try it directly at companies that are known for hiring remotely but there are alternatives that are easier and more convenient. There are websites that aggregate the demand and distribute it to independent writers or translators just like you could be one. The largest and most trustworthy websites for such a job are:

The advantages of the jobs are very clear:

  1. Work from home or anywhere
  2. Earn an excellent income
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Work as much as you can or want
  5. Get paid online

2. Tour Guide

I admit that you need a certain knowledge about Budapest to be a tour guide but all parts in the tourist industries are just about one thing: language. The more exotic your language is the better are your chances to work in a tourist office or as a tour guide. English, German, French are probably not the languages tourist agencies are looking for but in case you speak Chinese, Japanese, Finish or other languages that are not learned in early ages already you can get a job in the tourist industry easily and if it is only translations, receiving and answering emails or taking phone calls.

In a beautiful, historical city like Budapest tourist agencies are all over the place and are looking for people all the time so get your CV ready and send it out to a variety of offices that you mostly can find online. Do not wait for an open position but proactively send it to the responsible person to be in the database as soon as they have an opening.

3. Call Center Agent

Hungary is seen by many multinationals as a cheap labor but high educational standard country. This brings large call centers to Hungary because of the language diversity and the good education people have. Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom or now Emirates Airlines all have large call centers in or around Budapest that need to be operated by native speakers of several languages. Most popular here are European languages especially French, Spanish, German or Italian as these countries are in the same timezone as Budapest. US and South American hotlines as well as Asian Call Centers are not operated from Central Europe.

Browse any job website that offers Jobs in Budapest an you will see that workers for call centers are looked for all over the place. It is a fair paid work and often offers very flexible working hours which is perfect for students.


These are the 3 jobs I would recommend to look for when studying in Budapest and I bet that at least point 1. and 2. have not been on your list so far. When looking for a job just think about where you get in contact with English speakers in Budapest and where they work, you will see there are more jobs open with foreign language required than you think, also as a student.