Hungary Salary Guide

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The salary guide for 2015 conducted by the recruitment specialists Reed is out with a great infographic about the Hungarian job market and an interactive map with average salary indications by sector, industry and role. As for the location you can choose several countries but unfortunately not dig deeper into Hungary so that you can compare cities vs country side for example. But lets have a look at average salaries in Hungary in different positions and sectors.

Average Salary in Hungary

RoleSectorIndustryMonthly avg gross salary
Marketing ManagerSales & MarketingMarketing875.000 HUF
Compliance SpecialistAccounting & FinanceBaning / Insurance680.000 HUF
Automation EngineerEngineeringEngineering575.000 HUF
ReceptionistExecutive SupportExecutive Support215.000 HUF
HR DirectorHRHR1.250.000 HUF
HR AdvisorHRHR 400.000 HUF
HR ConsultantHRHR500.000 HUF
IT Help Desk L1Customer ServiceShared Services350.000 HUF
IT Help Desk L2Customer ServiceShared Services500.000 HUF
Customer Service managerCustomer ServiceShared Services800.000 HUF
Sales ManagerSales Sales & Marketing950.000 HUF
Sales DirectorSales Sales & Marketing1.400.000 HUF
IT Project ManagerTechnologyTechnology850.000 HUF
Mobile DeveloperTechnologyTechnology1.050.000 HUF
Programmer / DeveloperTechnologyTechnology975.000 HUF

If you did not find your role go and have a look at the interactive map to check it.

Hungary Job Market Insights

The conducted survey reveals a few interesting stats that are visualized below and listed conveniently here:

  • 8% of workers have change their job 7+ times
  • 36% leave their job for better prospects
  • 19% leave their job because due to lack of satisfaction
  • and 14% left their employment for a better salary
  • 38% are currently looking for a new job!

What is most important to the participants:

  1. 27% Job satisfaction
  2. 18% work life balance
  3. 16% job security

It seems that the salary is not a top priority!

Do you find yourself among some of the groups? What is most important to you? And is your salary above or below average? Leave a comment below!

See the full infographic here:

 Hungary Salary Guide Overview Infographic

Infographic by

Hungary Salary Guide 2013

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Year by year the recruitment company Hays releases the “Hays Hungary Salary Guide and Market Overview” which contains a comprehensive salary benchmark across different sectors and positions focusing on the previous 12 months. The 2013 salary guide has been recently published and just to give you an overview of what the salary possibilities are I will pick a few positions to show. There is a minimum, an average and a maximum for each position but of course there are exceptions as well. The values are monthly gross salaries in Hungarian Forint for full time positions in Hungary.

How much can I earn in Budapest / Hungary?

Regional Finance Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 1.800.000

Shopping Mall Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.400.000

Team Leader Project Engineering (5+ years experience)
Minimum: 550.000
Average: 750.000
Maximum: 900.000

Expert in specific Technology
Minimum: 700.000
Average: 1.100.000
Maximum: 1.500.000

Spa Manager
Minimum: 500.000
Average: 550.000
Maximum: 600.000

Software Development Lead
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.300.000

Clinical Operations Director
Minimum: 1.500.000
Average: 1.750.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

International Sales Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

Distribution Center Manager
Minimum: 900.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.600.000

Retail Area Manager
Minimum: 650.000
Average: 700.000
Maximum: 800.000

Marketing Manager
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.000.000

International Sales Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.600.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

This article is to explain a bit what you can do on if you are searching for a job in Budapest. Most people tend to just read the job offer and than either comment or click the “apply online” button which is correct in general but offers much more than this.

The Dashboard

Your Dashboard is basically the center of your created profile here you can check the following things:

  • Starred Jobs
    If there is a job which is interesting for you and you would like to keep an eye on you can star it. All your starred jobs will than be nicely sorted in you Dashboard.
  • Recently Viewed Jobs

    You were browsing through the jobs and remember you stumbled across something interesting but can’t remember what exactly it was? Instead of hitting the back key on you keyboard until you find it just jump to your Recently Viewed Jobs and check it, of course perfectly ordered as well.

  •  Job Recommendations

    Probably one of the most interesting features as it compares your uploaded CV (only visible for job posters) with jobs listed on and offers you the most relevant jobs to your experience and previous positions. Pretty cool, right? Check it out.

The Resumes

Here you can upload your resume, as mentioned above only visible for Job posters, in a prepared mask so that you can add for example a desired position, your experiences, your previous jobs, your salary imagination, your current location, your skills and experiences, groups and associations, spoken languages and of course upload an image of yourself. The entered data will than give you the job recommendations that are stated above and also recommend you as a matching candidate for job posters, I think that is quite sophisticated and important.


Another functionality that gives you the chance to make yourself unique. It is like a small questionnaire that gives job posters the opportunity to see from when you are available, if you are willing to travel or even to relocate as well as what type of job you are looking for.

Your Profile

The profile gives you the chance to present yourself in a quick way to job posters. You add data such as your name, websites, Twitter or Facebook profile, a short description or an image of yourself which than is nicely displayed and can be watched by job posters. In order to make a good first impression it is of course recommended to have a nice profile to give you future employer no other chance than checking your CV.

So please do not hesitate to sign up and complete your profile in order to have best chances for a new job in Budapest and actively influence your future. Is there any feature you are missing that would help you than let me know.

Online Reputation Management

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Online reputation Management

Online Reputation Management example

Yes, recruiters will Google for information about you as soon as you are among one of the last candidates left. Once you are in that situation and your future company is having a look what information is available about you online it is too late for you to change it. To give the recruiter the right picture, the one that YOU WANT him / her to see, this practice is called Online Reputation Management.

There are some myths and some true facts about recruiters searching online for you on Google, Facebook or other social networks. Fact is that a good recruiter will sooner or later Google for your name and have a look what he can find out about you but not all applicants will be searched for as a first step, recruiters simply do not have the time to do so and spend hours for every candidate. Nevertheless it is important to take care of this step before you apply or actually constantly take care about it. If you have a super standard name such as Will Smith (even better because there is a celebrity behind) or in Hungarian Kovács László the chances are fairly small that the recruiter finds information about you since there are thousands of others with your name.

But from the beginning, think as a recruiter and do a simple search for yourself in Google and see what you will find. Depending on how active you are online you will find several information such as you Facebook profile, maybe your Twitter account but also maybe sports results from school times or anything else that has been published about you, not only by you. As a matter of fact you have 10 results in Google on the first page and I think that will be enough information for the recruiter to find out more about you. Now you want the person searching for you to find exactly the things that you want to have there. Maybe in your Facebook profile you posted pictures of partying with friends or bathing naked in Lake Balaton and you do not want your future employer to see that but rather the interview that you have given with the magazine which has very good authority in your environment or you want to show the recruiter your work you have done as a photographer, the speech you have given at that conference which was uploaded to YouTube or simply your LinkedIn profile to see your work career again and maybe even see recommendations from your colleagues. It is up to you what you want him to see so now lets go and influence that.

The practice this is done with is called Search Engine Optimization or short SEO. The way to influence search engines to make them rank the pages that you would like to see up there. One main factor for search engines to evaluate the ranking of a page are links. Links coming from page A linking to page B. Now what you need to do is find ways to link from a page to e.g. your homepage, your LinkedIn profile and so on. This is hard work to find and do it but it is worth it. If you have a LinkedIn profile for example you have the possibility to link you Twitter account or your website in the profile, that will help you to rank that page for your name. SEO is an own industry (There are SEO Jobs in Budapest as well) so it is fairly complex but the basics you can of course read on Wikipedia for example.

Once you decided which 10 results the recruiter ideally should see about you it is time to start gathering some links and soon you will have a clear first result page about you, hiding the bad and just showing the good sides of yourself. Of course a too clean result might be a bit too obvious, so leave some room for humanity in there. If you are interested in this topic have a look at the Wikipedia article about Online Reputation Management, you can find a lot of useful information there to go on with. This article was rather as a hint to start doing it, its a long process so begin before your application.

Just now beginning of August 2011 I started this website about Jobs in Budapest because during my time when I was searching for a job I got really unsatisfied with the situation that there are no really good websites offering jobs for foreigners in Budapest. Most job websites in Hungary are available in English as well but the job descriptions are still in Hungarian. If you find an English job opening most of the time Hungarian is required as a language but it is not stated in the opening itself, so it is blindly expected. That I would like to change with where ideally all openings are in English and it is clearly stated if a  job requires Hungarian language or not. is completely free and offers companies a great way to post their job openings as well as job seekers a perfect interface to find jobs and apply. There is also the possibility of uploading your CV so that registered companies and HR people can find you and maybe invite you to an interview.

Additionally there will be a nice database of tips and tricks for job seekers, the application, the CV and the motivation letter as well as news and facts about Hungarian companies and international companies with an outlet or office in Budapest. Also, we would be glad to help if you wish to reconvert in a different field or believe a better education could help achieve your career goals. You can find out here how following online classes for a degree in organizational leadership could help you improve you management skills. Of course I am hoping on many job openings by companies or headhunters because that’s what makes a good job website.

Happy applying and good luck. You will find the job that suits you, for sure.