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Hungary Salary Guide

Posted by | March 10, 2015 | General

The salary guide for 2015 conducted by the recruitment specialists Reed is out with a great infographic about the Hungarian job market and an interactive map with average salary indications by sector, industry and role. As for the location you can choose several countries but unfortunately not dig deeper into Hungary so that you can compare cities vs country side for example. But lets have a look at average salaries in Hungary in different positions and sectors.

Average Salary in Hungary

RoleSectorIndustryMonthly avg gross salary
Marketing ManagerSales & MarketingMarketing875.000 HUF
Compliance SpecialistAccounting & FinanceBaning / Insurance680.000 HUF
Automation EngineerEngineeringEngineering575.000 HUF
ReceptionistExecutive SupportExecutive Support215.000 HUF
HR DirectorHRHR1.250.000 HUF
HR AdvisorHRHR 400.000 HUF
HR ConsultantHRHR500.000 HUF
IT Help Desk L1Customer ServiceShared Services350.000 HUF
IT Help Desk L2Customer ServiceShared Services500.000 HUF
Customer Service managerCustomer ServiceShared Services800.000 HUF
Sales ManagerSales Sales & Marketing950.000 HUF
Sales DirectorSales Sales & Marketing1.400.000 HUF
IT Project ManagerTechnologyTechnology850.000 HUF
Mobile DeveloperTechnologyTechnology1.050.000 HUF
Programmer / DeveloperTechnologyTechnology975.000 HUF

If you did not find your role go and have a look at the interactive map to check it.

Hungary Job Market Insights

The conducted survey reveals a few interesting stats that are visualized below and listed conveniently here:

  • 8% of workers have change their job 7+ times
  • 36% leave their job for better prospects
  • 19% leave their job because due to lack of satisfaction
  • and 14% left their employment for a better salary
  • 38% are currently looking for a new job!

What is most important to the participants:

  1. 27% Job satisfaction
  2. 18% work life balance
  3. 16% job security

It seems that the salary is not a top priority!

Do you find yourself among some of the groups? What is most important to you? And is your salary above or below average? Leave a comment below!

See the full infographic here:

 Hungary Salary Guide Overview Infographic

Infographic by

A few valuable tipps that you should be aware of before any job interview.
know-before job-interview
Infografic by Classes and Careers

Most jobs in Hungary obviously require still Hungarian native language, no matter if in a professional work environment or in student jobs. However there are jobs available that do not necessarily require Hungarian language skills but rather any foreign language skills. I would like to list 3 possibilities here that can get you a student job in Budapest without a word of Hungarian. This might be interesting for the many students coming from abroad to study here in Budapest even if it is only 1 or 2 semesters you might need a little extra money to pay your expenses.

1. Online Translator or Writer

Of course any remote job or online job that can be done from home is a great opportunity to earn money in Budapest even without Hungarian language knowledge. But where do you start and for whom do you work. You can try to find remote jobs on large international job portals or try it directly at companies that are known for hiring remotely but there are alternatives that are easier and more convenient. There are websites that aggregate the demand and distribute it to independent writers or translators just like you could be one. The largest and most trustworthy websites for such a job are:

The advantages of the jobs are very clear:

  1. Work from home or anywhere
  2. Earn an excellent income
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Work as much as you can or want
  5. Get paid online

2. Tour Guide

I admit that you need a certain knowledge about Budapest to be a tour guide but all parts in the tourist industries are just about one thing: language. The more exotic your language is the better are your chances to work in a tourist office or as a tour guide. English, German, French are probably not the languages tourist agencies are looking for but in case you speak Chinese, Japanese, Finish or other languages that are not learned in early ages already you can get a job in the tourist industry easily and if it is only translations, receiving and answering emails or taking phone calls.

In a beautiful, historical city like Budapest tourist agencies are all over the place and are looking for people all the time so get your CV ready and send it out to a variety of offices that you mostly can find online. Do not wait for an open position but proactively send it to the responsible person to be in the database as soon as they have an opening.

3. Call Center Agent

Hungary is seen by many multinationals as a cheap labor but high educational standard country. This brings large call centers to Hungary because of the language diversity and the good education people have. Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom or now Emirates Airlines all have large call centers in or around Budapest that need to be operated by native speakers of several languages. Most popular here are European languages especially French, Spanish, German or Italian as these countries are in the same timezone as Budapest. US and South American hotlines as well as Asian Call Centers are not operated from Central Europe.

Browse any job website that offers Jobs in Budapest an you will see that workers for call centers are looked for all over the place. It is a fair paid work and often offers very flexible working hours which is perfect for students.


These are the 3 jobs I would recommend to look for when studying in Budapest and I bet that at least point 1. and 2. have not been on your list so far. When looking for a job just think about where you get in contact with English speakers in Budapest and where they work, you will see there are more jobs open with foreign language required than you think, also as a student.

Startup Jobs in Budapest

Posted by | January 10, 2014 | Companies

Over the past years Budapest has become a hub for startups in Central Europe. A reason for that is the good technical education at universities in Budapest and of course a certain startup mentality that has developed in the past. A recent guest article by Balázs Szabó on Forbes a brilliantly explained the reason why Central Europe, and that includes Hungary and Budapest, is transforming from outsourcing to a real tech hub. These facts have led to more and more startup jobs in Budapest.

There are currently 3 major startups from Budapest that are known and recognized globally backed up with decent funding from international investors.

  • Prezi – The makers of zooming presentations
  • Ustream – Leader in live and interactive video streaming
  • LogMeIn – Offering Remote Access and Remote Desktop Software for Your Computer

You probably have heard of one or the other already, all of them are Hungarian originated (at least partially in case of Ustream) and operate offices in the capital of Hungary. Since all 3 are expanding due to their success of course there are open positions that are to be filled with talented people, not only in Hungary but also in their other offices around the globe.

Find here the latest Startup Jobs in Budapest:

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Deutschsprachige Jobs in Budapest

Posted by | November 5, 2013 | Job



Durch die geographische Nähe und die historische Verbundenheit gibt es viele Unternehmen mit Bezug zum deutschsprachigen Raum (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) und auch viele Menschen mit hervorragenden Deutschkenntnissen. Große Unternehmen wie zum Beispiel Audi oder Mercedes haben in Ungarn Fabriken und sind ständig auf der Suche nach detschprachigen Mitarbeitern, egal ob Ungarn oder Deutsche, Österreicher bzw Schweizer. Zudem gibt es in Budapest viele Customer Support Niederlassungen sowie Callcenter die händeringend nach Mitarbeitern mit ausländischen Sprahckenntnissen suchen, unter anderem natürlich auch deutsche Muttersprachler. Es kommen also einige deutschsprachige Jobs in Budapest zusammen auf die es sich zu bewerben lohnt.
In diesem Artikel möchte ich Ihnen zum Einen eine Auflistung der derzeit offenen Stellen mit Deutschkenntnissen aufzeigen und zu Anderen aus meiner Erfahrung als Deutscher in Ungarn erzählen um Sie auf einen Arbeitsaltag in Budapest vorzubereiten. Was für eine Gehalt können Sie hier erwarten? Reicht das zum Leben? Wie ist es als Deutscher in Ungarn und wie arbeitet es sich als Ausländer in Ungarn allgemein. Diese Fragen gilt es zu beantworten, sollten Sie dennoch Fragen haben stellen Sie diese bitte in den Kommentaren oder schicken Sie mir eine einfache Email.

Kürzlich eingestellte deutschsprachige Jobs in Budapest:

Sollten Sie ein Joblister sein so vergeben Sie bitte im Einstellprozess den Tag germanWeitere Infos

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Gehälter in Budapest. Was kann ich erwarten?

In den meisten Fällen ist Ungarn kein Land in dem Sie große Gehälter verdienen werden und dies auch nicht erwarten sollten. Im Vergleich zu deutschsprachigen Ländern werden Sie sich hier sicherlich unterbezahlt fühlen was auch auf den ersten Blick nicht verwerflich ist. Im Laufe dieses Abschnitts werden Sie allerdings sehen das am Ende des Monats dieses doch recht geringe Gehalt in keinster Weise schlimm ist. Gehälter werden in Budapest bzw in Ungarn insgesamt wie auch in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz als Bruttoeinkommen gezahlt. Da die Einkommessteuer lediglich 16% beträgt haben Sie hier in der Tat mehr Netto vom Brutto und müssen sich dies nicht nur ständig von der Politik anhören. Hinzu kommen natürlich die durchaus niedrigen Lebenshaltungskosten in Budapest womit wir einen weiteren grossen Faktor des Geldausgebens hinter uns haben. Auch sind Mieten in Budapest wesentlich güstiger als in deutschen Großstädten. Dies hängt stark vom gewünschten Bezirk ab, eine gute Übersicht geben diese Tabellen die allerdings noch aus dem Jahr 2009 stammen: Fakt ist jedoch das Wohnen, Lebensunterhaltung und auch die Steuern niedriger sind als in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.

Was also können Sie in Ungarn verdienen? Eine gute Übersicht gibt diese Tabelle in der ein paar verschiedene Stellen ausgewertet wurden und der Mittelwert ausgerechnet wurde.

Gehaltstabelle Budapest, Ungarn

Durchschnittliches Monatsgehalt HUF (EUR)
Shopping Mall Manager
1.200.000 HUF (~ 4.100 €)
Teamleiter Project Engineering
750.000 HUF (~ 2.560 €)
Technologie Experte
1.100.000 HUF (~ 3.760 €)
Spa Manager
550.000 HUF (~ 1.880 €)
Software Development Leiter
850.000 HUF (~ 2.900 €)
Clinical Operations Direktor
1.750.000 HUF (~ 5.980 €)
Internationaler Sales Manager
1.500.000 HUF (~ 5.120 €)
Distribution Center Manager
1.200.000 HUF (~ 4.100 €)
Retail Area Manager
700.000 HUF (~ 2.390 €)
Marketing Manager
850.000 HUF (~ 2.900 €)
Internationaler Sales Direktor
1.600.000 HUF (~ 5.470 €)
Regional Finance Direktor1.500.000 HUF (~ 5.120 €)
Project Manager750.000 HUF (~ 2.560 €)

Recruiter? Wie erscheinen meine Jobanzeigen hier?

Um Ihre Anzeige mit Deutschkenntnissen in diesem Artikel wiederzufinden müssen Sie lediglich bei der Artikeleinstellung unter “Tags” das Wort german eingeben. Sollten Sie mehrere Tags vergeben bzw weitere Sprachen wie zum Beispiel Englisch hinzufügen wollen so trennen Sie die einzelnen Wörter bitte mit einem Komma.

English Language Jobs in Budapest

Posted by | October 1, 2013 | Job


What do I need to know? Table of Content:

English Language Jobs in Budapest are usually open in large international operating companies such as Microsoft, IBM or GE. For international companies Budapest or Hungary in general is a great opportunity to build up a Central European subsidiary or to outsource parts of their production (such as Audi in Győr or Mercedes in Székesfehérvár) due to the Central location which is still close to Western Europe as well as the fairly low wages that need to be paid. Therefore many international companies settled in one of Budapest’s many office buildings located in and around the city. Find below current English Language openings based in Budapest.

Recently added English Language Jobs in Budapest:

Job Listers Attention: To appear here please tag your job listing with english – More Information

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Click here to see more jobs with English language requirements

Budapest Jobs for Americans

Jobs in Budapest only for American citizens can be found at the Embassy of the United States of America who have openings from time to time. Otherwise all English language jobs in Budapest also suit Americans of course who can apply just like every other person speaking English. The advantage for Americans and also other native English speakers is of course that their level of English is far better than for example the one of a German, Italian or Chinese.
Further to the US embassy of course American companies located in Budapest offer jobs for Americans but in some companies Hungarian is mandatory as well but this is always depending on the position. Companies such as Google, GE, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle all have large subsidiaries in Budapest often to serve their Central European activities so that Budapest is often seen as a CE hub for a worldwide acting cooperation. American firms often have a EU headquarter e.g. in Dublin from where they are steering their European activities and in Hungary they have another subsidiary from where they operate all activities in the east of Germany.
So there are great chances to find a job in Budapest as US citizen but a bit of Hungarian knowledge (or at least the effort to learn) is of advantage. The best is of course if an America born also speaks business fluent Hungarian.

The daily work life as a foreigner in Budapest / Hungary

I myself am not a native Hungarian speaker even though after almost 9 years in Budapest my Hungarian knowledge is fairly good. However as I started I experienced what it is like to be a foreigner in Hungary and how to get on with the colleagues and the work. Many Hungarians especially the younger generation is speaking a good level of English however there are still many people who are not able to communicate in English. Also the level of care with foreigners is not too high among some Hungarians even though the majority is very helpful and caring.
Still you will be confronted with a certain amount of Hungarian conversations and emails that you will not understand as it is normal for a foreigner in a country with a language you do not speak. So it is important to keep a few things in mind when working in Hungary if you only speak English:

  1. Have a contact person with good English language who is helpful to answer your questions or is willing to help you understand written texts. This is not only important for work but also for administrative issues.
  2. Always ask to please speak in English with you. This will help you but in order to pay respect you should start learn Hungarian so that your colleagues see that you are serious about language. Do not simply use everybody to make it right for you.
  3. Make the effort to understand what people want from you. As above start to learn Hungarian this will not only impress your colleagues but also Hungarians in your private life. They will reward the effort a lot. Take note, use Google translate to help you and show that you learned something.

With these 3 points you will be able to survive for a while but nothing is better than start learning Hungarian as soon as possible. By the way, ask your employer if they can pay for it as many companies do offer language courses for their employees.

What salary can I expect as a foreigner working in Budapest?

The salary level is below Western European or American standards and may sound very low at first. There has been a benchmark published by the recruitment company Hays named “Hays Hungary Salary Guide and Market Overview” with average salary figures in different industries and positions. To name a few examples that might fit for English speakers as a job opportunities the average salary for an expert in a specific IT sector is around 1.100.000 HUF (currently ~3.750€). An International Sales Manager is earning around 1.500.000 HUF (currently ~5.120€) and a Marketing Manager roughly 850.000 HUF (currently ~2.900€). All numbers are gross salaries. Considering that the average salary according to Wikipedia currently is 200.000 HUF gross in Hungary overall the above figures appear in a much better light. Find below more data to see what you can expect to be paid in Hungary.

2013 Average Salary by certain position in Budapest

Average monthly gross salary
Shopping Mall Manager
1.200.000 HUF (~ 4.100 €)
Team Leader Project Engineering
750.000 HUF (~ 2.560 €)
Expert in specific Technology
1.100.000 HUF (~ 3.760 €)
Spa Manager
550.000 HUF (~ 1.880 €)
Software Development Lead
850.000 HUF (~ 2.900 €)
Clinical Operations Director
1.750.000 HUF (~ 5.980 €)
International Sales Manager
1.500.000 HUF (~ 5.120 €)
Distribution Center Manager
1.200.000 HUF (~ 4.100 €)
Retail Area Manager
700.000 HUF (~ 2.390 €)
Marketing Manager
850.000 HUF (~ 2.900 €)
International Sales Director
1.600.000 HUF (~ 5.470 €)
Regional Finance Director1.500.000 HUF (~ 5.120 €)
Project Manager750.000 HUF (~ 2.560 €)
Taking into consideration that the current income tax level in Hungary is extremely low with only 16% there is a lot of net left at the end of the month. Additionally the cost of living is low compared to Western Europe or the USA. A research about the Cost of living in Budapest conducted by can be found here just to give you an idea of the costs you can expect for various expenses you have on a monthly or daily basis.
Overall one can say that the salary level is low but so are the cost of living and at the end of the month you should be able to live a decent live.

Level of English that should be spoken

As written above many English language jobs in Budapest or all over Hungary can be found in foreign companies with a subsidiary in Budapest so that there is more than a basic level of English language knowledge required. There is no number or grade you have to have but it always depends on your personal level of English language. Of course a world wide recognized test may help you but once in an interview for an opening it is you who needs to speak and present yourself and recruiters will evaluate if the level of English knowledge is enough for the position or not.
In general one can say that a business fluent English is required as soon as the job contains any English language tasks. However there are jobs even in American companies which by definition require English but the employees do not speak English at all. This can be found across many companies but is usually an exception.

How to appear here as a Job Lister?

To appear among the list of English Language Jobs is very easy. In the first step of the job submission there is a field called “Tags (comma separated)” which looks like this:

Simply tag your job listing with the word english (this applies for all other languages as well, you can also add more skills here separated with a comma) and the listing will be identified as a position that requires at least English which than will appear here.

Hungary Salary Guide 2013

Posted by | May 14, 2013 | General


Year by year the recruitment company Hays releases the “Hays Hungary Salary Guide and Market Overview” which contains a comprehensive salary benchmark across different sectors and positions focusing on the previous 12 months. The 2013 salary guide has been recently published and just to give you an overview of what the salary possibilities are I will pick a few positions to show. There is a minimum, an average and a maximum for each position but of course there are exceptions as well. The values are monthly gross salaries in Hungarian Forint for full time positions in Hungary.

How much can I earn in Budapest / Hungary?

Regional Finance Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 1.800.000

Shopping Mall Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.400.000

Team Leader Project Engineering (5+ years experience)
Minimum: 550.000
Average: 750.000
Maximum: 900.000

Expert in specific Technology
Minimum: 700.000
Average: 1.100.000
Maximum: 1.500.000

Spa Manager
Minimum: 500.000
Average: 550.000
Maximum: 600.000

Software Development Lead
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.300.000

Clinical Operations Director
Minimum: 1.500.000
Average: 1.750.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

International Sales Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

Distribution Center Manager
Minimum: 900.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.600.000

Retail Area Manager
Minimum: 650.000
Average: 700.000
Maximum: 800.000

Marketing Manager
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.000.000

International Sales Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.600.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

There are several recruitment companies or headhunters located in Budapest and all over Hungary offering many jobs, also for foreigners. As an expat you can find many jobs in the call center or IT industry with foreign language knowledge but also a few international jobs in companies that have their CE headquarter here. Let me introduce some recruitment companies to you, in case you know more just let me know in the comments.

New-Image_hays585.jpgHays ProfileLink to the website
As a registered company on Hays has access to all talents and job seekers looking for a job in Budapest, Hungary.

CPLJobsCPLJobs ProfileLink to the website
CPLJobs is a registered company on and is preferred partner for job listings and candidate CVs and applications.

Kelly ServicesKelly Services ProfileLink to the website
Kelly Services is a registered company on and is preferred partner for job listings and candidate CVs and applications.

Register for FREE and submit your first free job listing as a recruitment company from Hungary to be featured in this article and on our frontpage.

CPL Jobs Hungary – Link

Find here the latest listings from CPL Jobs Hungary on

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Hays – Link

Find here the latest listings from Hays Hungary on

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Grafton – Link

Karrier Hungaria – Link

Randstad – Link

Manpower – Link

Next Consulting – Link

Adecco – Link

Pannonjob – Link

Exact Solutions – Link

Reed – Link

Rass HungaryLink

All of them also offer a English version of their website, at least when it comes to the translation of the categories, most jobs are still in Hungarian lanuage if they require it. But have a look at the above and remember that if you find


This article is to explain a bit what you can do on if you are searching for a job in Budapest. Most people tend to just read the job offer and than either comment or click the “apply online” button which is correct in general but offers much more than this.

The Dashboard

Your Dashboard is basically the center of your created profile here you can check the following things:

  • Starred Jobs
    If there is a job which is interesting for you and you would like to keep an eye on you can star it. All your starred jobs will than be nicely sorted in you Dashboard.
  • Recently Viewed Jobs

    You were browsing through the jobs and remember you stumbled across something interesting but can’t remember what exactly it was? Instead of hitting the back key on you keyboard until you find it just jump to your Recently Viewed Jobs and check it, of course perfectly ordered as well.

  •  Job Recommendations

    Probably one of the most interesting features as it compares your uploaded CV (only visible for job posters) with jobs listed on and offers you the most relevant jobs to your experience and previous positions. Pretty cool, right? Check it out.

The Resumes

Here you can upload your resume, as mentioned above only visible for Job posters, in a prepared mask so that you can add for example a desired position, your experiences, your previous jobs, your salary imagination, your current location, your skills and experiences, groups and associations, spoken languages and of course upload an image of yourself. The entered data will than give you the job recommendations that are stated above and also recommend you as a matching candidate for job posters, I think that is quite sophisticated and important.


Another functionality that gives you the chance to make yourself unique. It is like a small questionnaire that gives job posters the opportunity to see from when you are available, if you are willing to travel or even to relocate as well as what type of job you are looking for.

Your Profile

The profile gives you the chance to present yourself in a quick way to job posters. You add data such as your name, websites, Twitter or Facebook profile, a short description or an image of yourself which than is nicely displayed and can be watched by job posters. In order to make a good first impression it is of course recommended to have a nice profile to give you future employer no other chance than checking your CV.

So please do not hesitate to sign up and complete your profile in order to have best chances for a new job in Budapest and actively influence your future. Is there any feature you are missing that would help you than let me know.