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Hungary Salary Guide 2013

Posted by | May 14, 2013 | General


Year by year the recruitment company Hays releases the “Hays Hungary Salary Guide and Market Overview” which contains a comprehensive salary benchmark across different sectors and positions focusing on the previous 12 months. The 2013 salary guide has been recently published and just to give you an overview of what the salary possibilities are I will pick a few positions to show. There is a minimum, an average and a maximum for each position but of course there are exceptions as well. The values are monthly gross salaries in Hungarian Forint for full time positions in Hungary.

How much can I earn in Budapest / Hungary?

Regional Finance Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 1.800.000

Shopping Mall Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.400.000

Team Leader Project Engineering (5+ years experience)
Minimum: 550.000
Average: 750.000
Maximum: 900.000

Expert in specific Technology
Minimum: 700.000
Average: 1.100.000
Maximum: 1.500.000

Spa Manager
Minimum: 500.000
Average: 550.000
Maximum: 600.000

Software Development Lead
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.300.000

Clinical Operations Director
Minimum: 1.500.000
Average: 1.750.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

International Sales Manager
Minimum: 1.000.000
Average: 1.500.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

Distribution Center Manager
Minimum: 900.000
Average: 1.200.000
Maximum: 1.600.000

Retail Area Manager
Minimum: 650.000
Average: 700.000
Maximum: 800.000

Marketing Manager
Minimum: 750.000
Average: 850.000
Maximum: 1.000.000

International Sales Director
Minimum: 1.200.000
Average: 1.600.000
Maximum: 2.000.000

Most popular Student Jobs

Posted by | August 8, 2011 | Job

In 2010 there has been a very big European wide study about what jobs are the most popular among students. So these results do not only represent Hungary but Europe though Hungary was also represented in the study. So according to the study the most popular student jobs in Europe are the following:

  1. Office job (assistance, reception)
  2. Catering / Gastronomy
  3. Research / graduate assistant at the university
  4. Private lessons for other students
  5. Retail sales
  6. Production
  7. Promotion work
  8. Programming
  9. Self Employment
  10. Accounting jobs

I think that in Hungary many students work in the catering industry such as in restaurants, bars and so on. Also promotion work seems to be quite popular.

However, these jobs are fine as long as they are temporary. More and more students are now pushing their studies toward master’s degrees in order to get a well-paid job at the end. Even current employees are registering for online courses, like Masters in Organizational Leadership, in order to obtain a promotion in their own company.

If anyone knows any Hungarian study covering the same topic, that would be absolutely great. Please leave a comment if you know a resource.